Sharing Tree Facilities


Our New/Old Home

After a year of extensive renovations, we have moved back into our home at 218 East 3rd Ave. Conveniently located in Midtown Tallahassee, between Monroe Street and Thomasville Road, near where the two meet, The New Sharing Tree houses a classroom/studio, a large creative play space, a makerspace, an outdoor play area, a care-givers lounge, and a shop for art and crafts supplies.

The Creative Play Lab

The Creative Play Lab is an indoor and outdoor space for children to play, stretch their imaginations test ideas, push boundaries, and explore sensory, artistic, musical and scientific concepts. Pretend play is the precursor to scientific understanding, literacy and innovation. We are working with specialists in the fields of early childhood, music, art, science and museum education to provide exhibits that help to foster creative, pretend play and help parents to engage and foster this creative play at home. We do this by using donated upcycled and recycled materials we receive from the community, and endeavoring the purchase materials that are upcycled and recycled from socially responsible vendors.

We need your help! Consider becoming one of our Founding 50 supporters, or assist with donating materials or exhibit installation. The below gallery is provided for inspiration and vision. This is what we are building!