Growing a Tree

“Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision, and change.”

Dear Sharing Tree Friends, new and old,

I would like to personally welcome you to the NEW Sharing Tree. The value that we offer our community is the product of ten years of hard work, experience, and growth.  

The Sharing Tree has written a colorful story, a Tree- the perfect metaphor, a symbol of life, growth, strength, overcoming adverse conditions, a lifelong journey many of us can relate to. Over ten years, we've enjoyed five locations, thousands of friends, millions of materials, mountains of kid giggles, bright colorful walls, needless to say… a path less traveled. The evolution of this organization has been innovative and triumphant. 

The Sharing Tree began in a 400 square foot studio space, I walked around Railroad Square with handmade flyers and a fierce passion for this creative concept. The medium was to transform trash to treasure, the essence was to encourage creativity.. Compelled to pursue this concept to fruition, I found a pack of powerhouse professionals that would believe in the importance of my dream.

Ten years ago, I sat at my first roundtable board meeting and pitched my passion project. With shared inspirations and similar goals, we set forth and planted the seeds for what would soon be The Sharing Tree. The Sharing Tree began, using creativity to solve a problem & enhance education, a field facing shrinking budgets- it lead to the success of collecting mountains of materials and giving away millions of dollars of school & art supplies. Soon we would see that the heart of mission was more than the “stuff” it was the spirit, the power of creativity. Our community wanted to connect, there was magic in making, synergy in sharing ideas and innovating.

What was most inspiring was the impact of the Sharing Tree on kids. I witness the transformation of many children as they were provided the opportunity to freely create and express themselves through making. Children are born free to think creatively and it is our job to encourage their big ideas so that one day they may change the world. Over several iterations of the Sharing Tree we have expanded the opportunities for kids to play, create, imagine, question, and explore their creative power.

Now we are reintroducing The Sharing Tree as an experiential creative play space to build creative confidence & innovative thinking in our children, and therefore the future of our community. In my own ability to ask questions, exploring ways to improve the Tree, I witnessed my own sweet son, Zade, having his best ideas when he was provided the rich opportunity to play creatively, build big ideas, and connect, explore the world around him. I know that these experiences will provide him with the tools to be a creative problem solver, an innovator- to adapt and shift with our ever changing big, bright world and my dream is to provide the same opportunities to all Tallahassee children. 

I am so proud and excited to offer these enriching creative play and programming to all families in the Big Bend. The Sharing Tree will soon be filled with creative and colorful kids, families having fun, exploring the environment, creating amazing inventions, learning to express themselves, solve puzzles, and engage with others. I hope that you and your family will join us in growing a community of positive, empathetic, informed, creative and innovative people. 

“No one ever regrets the path that leads to a better story.”

Carly Sunny