Transforming the Tree: A New Space to Reflect a New Mission

Close your eyes.

Channel your childhood memories...

What if… we design a physical, communal space that is built on the foundation to encourage joy, play, togetherness. 

 Walking into our new, old facility on 3rd Avenue, I had my own feelings of nostalgia. Five years ago I walked in; twisted corners, separated rooms, plywood floors, rainbow walls... I cried, the journey from 400 square feet had not been an easy hike. Something about this move to midtown signified success. 

Geographically and the sheer size, square footage were good enough to suffice a facility that we had never imagined. We immediately began to move mountains of materials into this space. 

Fast forward.

Five years later. This space has been renovated and takes on a new meaning, a new level for this transformed Sharing Tree. 

Designing this space it was a blank canvas, a concrete shell- the core of this project continually circles around to enhancing the creative experience. We want to create authentic memories through interaction, collaboration- a sense of belonging to a creative community. It starts with the space- the colors on the wall, the bubbles made from Recycled pvc piping, the invitations to engage & play. Throw in some “visual information so that whether or not you know it, you are learning.

True to our mission in making the old new again-It is not sustainable to continually create newly built spaces when it is possible to restore current spaces… full steam ahead, The Tree rallies a group of volunteers that are creative beyond belief. Shared ideas began to grow this creative wonderland.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere of wellbeing so we focus on small details such as the positioning of a piece of furniture, light and shapes, color scheme. Designing this space to promote a new way of interacting and collaborating blending energy and motivation. The newly designed space expresses a new mission- for our community to come and experience creativity.

Two short months later this amazing Tree Team has built a stage from palettes, a tree symbolizes our strength and endurance, the bakery and build exhibits alongside the magnet wall with a marble run and Lego wall. All ages are loving our makers space, an open art studio filled to the brim with donated materials perfect to feed the innovator in all of us! Smack dab in the middle of summer camp I take time to pause and reflect what this space was a few short months ago… void of this creative energy and a flourishing of ideas, stories, growing humans free to be whatever they can imagine.

I want The Sharing Tree to be a centrifugal force in the Big Bend, bringing all families, children, and organizations together to nurture our future, the change makers and wide-eyed ideas that will make our world beautiful for years to come. The difference a space can make is enormous, lets be intentional with our energy. Support a colorful, beautiful tomorrow.

Carly Sunny