A Family Tree

A Family Tree


A family is often times defined by genetics, but more recently and in other cultures we hear the word tribe. "It takes a village to raise a child," states an African proverb. 

Just as in nature... nothing is singular, innovation comes from many people, places, and ideas. Given the right platform, magic accrues. I think THE most beautiful thing about the Tree is that not only are we celebrating everything creative, we are building a community.

The Sharing Tree has been the perfect name for this organization. Sharing ideas and growing creativity- these have become core values for this Tree Tribe. 


I strongly believe that creativity is inherent in all of us, and given the right platform, an encouraging atmosphere- it fosters creativity for all. It was a beautiful reminder this past Sunday, the Tree hosted a build day- not only was it a full house of talented & creative people, but it was inspiring... to see parents being creative together so that we can create this authentic space for our families. For example, creativity is required for problem solving, and not only did we have our fair share of engineering and technical brainstorming, but everyone was encouraging the builder next to them. The single mom, the software salesman, the mom & dad of 6, our infamous triplet family alongside our biomedical engineer. When you think some of the world is filled with distrust and hate, read our story... it is inspiring to see a community come together!

The more creativity and inspiration, the more great work is done in the world. Together we can do anything! And we are... we are building a creative community. 

“Creativity is just connecting things. By connecting experiences we have had we can synthesize new things.”

…Steve Jobs